We're based in Bucharest, but we've expanded all over the world:


  • Testimonial

    YLC was an unforgettable period of my life

    Razvan Stanescu
  • Testimonial

    A fantastic place for world class education!

    Paul Dragos
  • Testimonial

    Studying at YLC has been one of my best decisions ever!

    Jan Jelovsek
  • Testimonial

    Nicest experience I have ever had in my life. Thanks YLC!

    Mirela Dobre
  • Testimonial

    I remained close to YLC because of the unique experience it provided me with

    Robert Mistovski

Our Mission

Capital is scarce – but talent is everywhere. Our mission is to level the playing field.

We are aiming to find the talent, prepare it for what it takes to get to the top and connect it to a global network of amazing people ready to become mentors, investors or both. Whether you are passionate about finance & economics or you are the founder of a startup building an awesome product, we can definitely help. Join us at one of our two programs and we’ll start from there!

The Numbers Say it All