Gabriela Maracineanu

I am part of the Young Leaders Club team since early 2015, managing the marketing side and handling research on educational partners. I joined YLC as I strongly believe in non-formal education and the importance of a strong financial and economics background. For the same reasons, I chose to lead Econosofia, an organization in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies that brings together young people who share a passion for macroeconomics and capital markets and are actively involved in the construction of educational programs aimed at positively change the Romanian economic environment.

Prior to this, I organised Risk Management, the only project on financial risk management in Romania, dedicated to students. From a professional point of view, I worked in the capital markets field and I recently started working in the Supply Chain department of a multinational company. In terms of aspirations, I aim for a world where young people take education in their own hands and schools start teaching humanity and personal leadership.