Success Stories

Success stories

Over the years, amazing people have graduated from our program. Some have gone on to work for leading companies while others have decided to start their own businesses. Read some of their stories bellow.

  • Lucian Dobrota
  • You can't beat the atmosphere; it's great.

    Lucian Dobrota

    I attended the YLC Entrepreneurship class in 2013. It was one of the most pleasant experiences I had ever been through. It was not my first...
  • Cristian Iliescu
  • At YLCE I have encountered something new. It felt like I didn’t have dreams anymore, because they shaped into achievable goals.

    Cristian Iliescu

    “Fortune favors the bold” For me, the path of entrepreneurship meant the chance to follow my gut. As a teenager, the idea of creating...
  • Sebastian Maraloiu
  • I enjoyed the caring and friendly environment at YLC

    Sebastian Maraloiu

    After working at an online startup that went from great to bust in just a few months I was looking for other ideas that I could set on the...