Lucian Dobrota

You can't beat the atmosphere; it's great.

I attended the YLC Entrepreneurship class in 2013. It was one of the most pleasant experiences I had ever been through. It was not my first entrepreneurship class/project. I had been part of many different other projects and events but I felt this was a little different. The level of business know-how presented here was much higher. The speakers were much better and they had important things to say for people who were really looking to start a business.

After the summer school, my appetite for entrepreneurship hit an all-time high. I then applied for another summer school. I got accepted and managed to secure a partnership with one top Romanian entrepreneur, Cristina Batlan the founder of Musette. The partnership was towards funding for the WASHescu company, a student Laundromat that plans to expand deeper into the laundry industry with different innovations.

Currently, I am working on the WASHescu business along with my friend and business partner Vlad and of course Cristina as our investor. We are operating in one location as a Laundromat that is opened since April 2014. We are currently looking to expand to the professional laundry sector by securing long term contracts and, in the future, setting up a second location.

We are also currently looking into starting other projects as well. We have a few good ideas that we are following through to see if the business would be sustainable.

To sum up, I would say that the experience speaks for its self. On July 2013 I was at YLC Entrepreneurship with little business know-how and less than one year later, I had my own business that I managed to start by partnering with an investor that gave us 100% of the seed money needed.

Lucian Dobrota